Balotelli Throws Darts At Youth Team Players

Mario Loves Trouble

Mario Balotelli LOVES attention. Absolutely craves it. And so, when he became bored over the weekend having missed out on a place in the Italy squad he took it upon himself to create a new ‘activity’ at Manchester City as he decided why the hell not against throwing a few darts at fellow City youth players.

The Independent reported yesterday that Balotelli had thrown ‘at least one dart’ and the matter is sure to interest City boss Roberto Mancini as he was away when the incident took place:

City are yet to establish a full understanding of why Balotelli threw the dart and will give him the chance to offer an explanation before deciding what action to take. Manager Roberto Mancini will also need to be brought up to speed with the incident, as he has been away from the club. He will seek an explanation from the 20-year-old striker before discussing the incident with senior executives at the club.

Mercifully, nobody was hurt during the incident, which may have spared Balotelli from substantial disciplinary action which would leave his City future looking in even more serious doubt.

The club appear to view the incident as a foolish prank.

It’s only a matter of time ’till Roberto shows Mario the door. I’ll give it the Summer, tops.


Mourinho Plays In Goal vs Journos

Take 1: The Special One vs The Media – Action!

Scottish Fans Taunt Neymar With Banana Antics

The Infamous Banana

More racism. More banana’s. That’s what happened on Sunday afternoon after Brazilian wonder kid Neymar accused the Scottish spectators of racially abusing him when he was felled for the penalty leading up to Brazil’s second goal and after the match he said:

“I feel great and scored two but what happened with the banana is sad,” Neymar said. “I don’t want to make a big deal of it. I was running down the touch-line in the second half and saw it but I didn’t see where it came from.”

He also said that:

“They were jeering me a lot, even when I was about to kick the penalty.“The entire stadium was jeering. This atmosphere of racism is totally sad. We leave our country to play here and something like this happens. It’s sad. I’d rather not even talk about it, to keep the subject from escalating.”

Reformed Brazil star Lucas Leiva also targeted the matter in his post-match comments as he stated that:

“There is no more space for racism in the world.“They say it’s the first world here in Europe, but it’s where it happens the most. That has to change.

“Everybody is equal today. It’s a matter of respect.”

In my opinion, this has been going on far too long. Its ridiculous. Yet, I still don’t know why they choose to taunt the players with banana’s. Is there something I’ve missed there? Odd taunt, that.

Its Friday!

To see you out folks I’ve found the most annoying song ever to come into existence. If you hadn’t heard it prior to this you must have been hiding under a rock for the last week or so.

Bale Ruled Out Of England Clash

Bad news. Gareth Bale’s injured. Again. Having played for Tottenham over the weekend he complained of feeling stiff after the match and had sat out two Wales training sessions before the doc’s decided to rule him out of the clash against England as a safety precaution. So what does this mean? Well, it means Wales have absolutely NO CHANCE of winning. He was their go-to-guy, their saviour. All my moneys on England now, what about you?

On a side note, Aaron Ramsey’s been handed the Welsh armband for Saturday’s qualifier in place of Bale.

Roberto Carlos Offered Banana In Russian League Match

Banana, Roberto?

Chad Ochocinco (NFL Player) Tries Out For MLS Side

I know I may be a bit late with this but for those of you who don’t know, NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has received try-outs for MLS side Sporting Kansas City. Ochocinco had always loved soccer as a kid and was understandably a star player in his youth when he received a tweet from Kyle Rogers, Sporting Kansas City’s digital strategist last Wednesday. They discussed possible terms and the rest as they say is history.

Anyway, Ochocinco turned up for his first session of a four day trial yesterday and Leander Schaerlaeckens (ESPN soccer writer) followed him closely, even writing an article on how he got on on his first day:

After watching his first practice with Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer on a live feed on Wednesday, it was plain to see: Ochocinco is many things — an athlete, an entertainer and a media hog — but a soccer player is not one of them.

Ochocinco got off to a decent start. His first touches, in a simple passing drill, were accurate, if a little hesitant. Insofar as you could tell from a dozen side-footed kicks, his technique is sound, as he used both feet well.

Before you start thinking ‘oh, he could be class!’ read the next part –

But as practice wore on and the drills became more intricate, Ochocinco exposed himself. Taken aside for an individual workout with a coach, like all trialists are, it became obvious that some of the basics of the game elude him. His dribbling looked passable, if a little clumsy, like a puppy learning to run for the first time. But when it came time to send in crosses, an essential skill for the winger Ochocinco would like to be, the discrepancy between a pro soccer player and a very athletic fan of the game became apparent. Taking too many touches and too much time, he was unable to get a single one of his crosses to its intended target in any kind of acceptable fashion, if it got there at all.

So, he’s still got a lot to learn. But I’m looking forward to hearing more about Ochocinco in the coming days and hopefully for comical sake, he passes the grade with flying colours.