Problems Arising At Ewood Park

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The Blackburn owners have landed themselves in a massive puddle regarding the sacking of boss ‘Big Sam’ Allardyce. Unfortunately Allardyce hasn’t started the season well as Blackburn sit comfortably in 13th position, however, I thought Sam had more to give. He’s proved himself in the past finishing a career high 5th with Bolton Wanderers in the 2005/06 season. He’s wobbled since then, taking on the challenge on Ewood Park and unfortunately he was unable to repeat that feat. He is among the top British managers out there today, but faces stiff competition from ‘Arry Redknapp whose been absolutely marvelous at Spurs.

The queue to become the next manager at Blackburn proves an ever so daunting task and the owners’ lack of experience in the field doesn’t help. The latest managerial candidate linked was Alan Shearer, had once played at Ewood Park but he lacks managerial experience. The usual candidates have emerged as Alan Curbishley, Martin Jol and also newly unemployed Chris Hughton is rumoured to be in the running.

The new Indian owners issued a statement intending their ambition to appoint a great manager but they admitted it could be months. What do you mean it could be months? By the time those ‘months’ come to an end Blackburn will either be fighting for survival or sitting steadily in mid table, as they have over the years.

For the time being they’ve appointed Steve Kean as caretaker manager and he could well be appointed on a permanent basis if he manages to find form and a win over West Ham at the weekend would prove agony for Grant but ecstasy for him and a consistent run could stabilize Rovers’ season. Since the arrival of Venkatesh and Balaji Rao, they’ve stood in the dark, until now and this decision could make or break Blackburn’s season.

Big Sam could well be on his way to London before the new year, as Avram Grant has disappointed ever since his arrival, grabbing 12 of the 51 points available. Sam has a knack of turning seasons around and changing average teams into European contenders, like Redknapp. I hated seeing Allardyce go like that but sometimes it has to be done for the greater good of the team.


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