Ozil Delighted At Madrid

Mesut Ozil yesterday shone a light on his career short at Madrid, which has yet to last 6 months, but he’s claimed he’s delighted at the opportunity given to him by Jose Mournho. He was one of the stars to feature at this years World Cup, earning him worldwide recognition and as a result, securing a move to the Bernabeau.

(Translation was given in Spanish so sorry if it’s sketchy).
“I have adapted fast. I have had the support of my family who was with me the first weeks. Everything is very familiar. The training are taken in serious, but we passed it well together outside the field”
Ozil has claimed that Real Madrid is “one of the greater clubs of the world”  and Ozil still has “dreams to fulfill” as he aims to become one of the worlds greatest in the game.
  “The long term objective is to be one of the best ones of the world. For that reason I took the step to come to Madrid, because I want to continue evolving here, with Mourinho”.
It’s noticed from this interview that Ozil is thoroughly enjoying life in Madrid and he wants to continue to aim for trophies in the future with Real Madrid. Talking to “Weekly XL” he recalled the day he received the call from Mourinho, asking him to join Real Madrid.
 “I am very to taste with my new trainer, and not only because it has gained many titles with several equipment. In order to come here most important it was the conversation with him when it was in the Werder Bremen. It said to me it at all costs loved that me in the equipment. It lasted half an hour, three quarters, by telephone. It convinced to me and for that reason I am here.

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