Suarez Closer To Anfield Switch Than You Think

It’s been in the news for quite some time now but it finally seems that Liverpool are closing in on Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez for a reported fee of £25M.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the popular website and it’s been constantly reporting on a switch for Suarez to Liverpool in the past few days.

Then I noticed something quite extraordinary. In the comments section below the article ‘Liverpool Edge Closer To Agreeing 18M Deal To Sign Ajax Striker Luis Suarez’, an anonymous reader stated that “I have already posted on the previous article about suarez, that a fee of 20.5m euros has already been agreed, according to my brothers friend, whos dad is Jereome slop, financial director of Ajax, but most did not believe me, it is true.”

If this bold statement seems to be true over the next couple of days we could see Suarez sign by Tuesday/Wednesday.

Suarez had scored a whopping 49 goals last season and has been the main attraction in an attempt to get Liverpool’s season back up and running.

Ajax manager Frank De Boer has insisted that any deal that may involve Suarez has to happen sooner, rather than later.

De Boer told De Telegraaf that he will also not let Suarez go as a last-minute deal, or so he says.

He said: “We won’t let Luis go on 31 January at 23.55. It logical and a deal which I made with Rik van den Boog (general director of Ajax).

“To replace Suarez will be difficult, but we are ready. We have a Plan B, we know what we want if he leaves.”


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