Where To Mr Mourinho?

He’s off again. Bouncing around clubs like a rabbit, José Mourinho has once again reiterated his decision to possibly end his contract at Los Blancos at the end of this current season, with an array of different options pleading for his services. Today I’m going to discuss his possible options abroad, as well as maybe taking up coaching roles on a national scale.

1. Manchester United

No doubt he’s favourite to succeed the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson when he calls it a day. Has been touted as the ‘special one’ since his days at Chelsea and a recall to England with Manchester United looks a promising prospect. It’ll all go down on whether Sir Alex’s retirement plans remain intact. Definitely his most desired club to take over at.

At the moment, Sir Alex seems to be enjoying the football going on at United as the Red Devils are current table toppers but as we’ve heard and seen in the past, Ferguson’s time is coming to an end, especially when he turn’s 70 later this year. Mourinho will be relishing his chances when Sir Alex’s era is up, already the strong favourite among the bookies.

2. Chelsea

A possible reunion with the London side looks a promising task. Current Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has been dumped in scrutiny ever since his side hit the stumbling blocks back in November and another loss at home against Liverpool on Sunday didn’t help the Italian’s cause. It was at Chelsea that he initiated the now world-renowned ‘the special one’ phrase, always refering to himself as that.

A return wouldn’t be far off, especially with Ancelotti faltering and Chelsea starting to lose their grasp of the title, a distant 10 points off Manchester United.

3. Portugal

It’s a must. Billboards everywhere should be aiming to get Jose Mourinho as manager of the Portuguese national team. It would be the icing on the cake for Mourinho’s career, which has spanned just 10 years but yet, he’s won countless amount of trophies.

Current gaffer Carlos Queiroz ain’t doing much good for them and Portugal need something to revitalise them and get them aiming for the European Championships and the World Cup again.

Mourinho would be working with his club starlet Cristiano Ronaldo again, having employed him at Real Madrid, and he would be reconnecting with a string of other former players including Ricardo Carvalho, Costinha, Paulo Ferrira and many, many more.

4. LA Galaxy

Ah yes, the club he was quoted saying he would coach after his stint among Europe’s top dogs came to a close. He even went as far to say that

“My idea is to stay at the top of European soccer for the next 10 to 15 years. After that I would like to have a completely different experience in the United States – the New York Red Bulls or Los Angeles Galaxy, a home in Manhattan or a home in Malibu. That’s the idea I have.”

It would be a nice career move when his career is nearing the end but if his career is still in the swing of things, he should avoid it at all costs.

5. Mount Merrion Youths

Ok, so it may never happen but a kid can dream right? Throughout this season we’ve struggled for form and with only two wins under our belts, we’ve slipped into the relegation dog fight. Its more a fantasy than a dream to be completely honest with you, but we’ll see.



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