Tevez Tug-Of-War

Looking down on us like he owns the place

Oh Kia Joorabchian, look what you’ve got yourself into now. For those of you who haven’t heard of Joorabchian, he was the one originally responsible for bringing Tevez to England, West Ham to be exact. Now Kia isn’t like your everyday agent. Oh no. He’s someone who likes to be in the news, quite a lot if you think about it. These days he likes to comment on his representitive Carlos Tevez’s current sitaution at Manchester City and it was no different when he decided to discuss possible moves in the future for the Argentine.

Speaking to Brazil’s TV Gazeta station Joorabchian once again opened a can of worms and mainly spouted out shit for the interview, so much you could fill a suitcase full of it.

Let’s rewind shall we? When Carlos Tevez said that he wanted to finish his career in Brazil playing for his beloved Corinthians it was understandable. However, when Tevez’s agent and attention seeker Kia Joorabchian expressed a desire for Tevez to play for Corinthians on earlier this week we couldn’t help but want to batter the Iranian football agent. In his interview Joorabchian said that Tevez “wants to” play for Corinthians. All good there yes? Joorabchian then went on to say how  “Carlos would be happy to return to Brazil and play for Corinthians. I want to help Corinthians in their sporting quest. I would like the deal to be done swiftly but in reality it will probably take a couple of years.”

Like come on, sporting quest, what sporting quest? Your having a laugh son!

And yet (unsurprisingly), more garbage is yet to come – “I also want three more players to make the club the best in America. My desire would be get Anderson [from Manchester United], Heurelho Gomes [from Tottenham] and Nilmar [Villareal].

I just feel sick now. If he thinks they’re leaving their current clubs he’s got another thing coming.

It’s all a bit far fetched though ain’t it folks? Joorabchan thinks he rules the footballing world now. *Sigh*

Nice Teeth Carlos..


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