Terek Grozny Eye To Bring Ronaldo Out Of Retirement

Ronaldo "accidentally" took the last jam tart

A Russian club that goes by the name of Terek Grozny are aiming to bring Ronaldo out of retirement and sign him on an initial 18 month contract, which will see him at the club until late next year. Ronaldo had just retired two weeks this coming Monday and has understandably been approached to help Brazil prepare for their hosting of the World Cup in 2014.

Just last week we saw former Ronaldo’s Brazil teammate Roberto Carlos sign a two-and-a-half-year contract with Russian Premier League side FC Anzhi Makhachkala, worth a reported $10M.

Terek Grozny look like they’re trying to make ends meet of Ronaldo’s career and were yesterday quoted by a source in The Tvoi Den daily saying –

From AFP:

“Ronaldo has recently announced the end of his football career, and this is what Terek management’s is using,” Tvoi Den quoted one Russian football agent familiar with the situation as saying.

“Ronaldo has already been invited to come to Chechnya, but there has been no response from the Brazilian,” the agent said.

Hmm..Usually when someone doesn’t return your calls it means they don’t want anything to do with you..I know this because.. well…


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