West Ham Chairman David Sullivan Says West Ham Are ’50-50′ To Go Down

St.Nick, but without the beard

When David Sullivan was approached for an interview with the Guardian earlier this week he willfully obliged and rather alarmingly, spoke the truth and nothing but the truth about West Ham’s survival plan. Quite dangerous if you ask me considering West Ham have had a dire campaign, unaided by unnecessary injuries along the way. West Ham also face an uphill struggle if they’re to stay in the Premier League with 5 of their remaining 11 opponents currently occupying positions in the top half of the table, starting off with hosting a Liverpool side who have become somewhat of a resurgent team since the arrival of King Ken.

Anyway, speaking to the Guardian on Friday he said:

We’ve got a tough run-in”. “But we’ve underperformed all season and we’re now paying the price. I think, being realistic, [the chance of surviving] is less than 50-50. I actually think a lot of the fans are almost accepting we’re going to be relegated. That’s the case with the supporters I speak to, unfortunately. I say to people we’re a long way from being relegated, but we have to do better. It’s going to be a huge, huge struggle. But strange things happen in football. West Brom were 25-1 on to be relegated one year and got out of it and Fulham were almost gone one year [and survived].”

For a club chairman he definitely oozes optimism doesn’t he folks?


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