Ancelotti Longs For A Smoke In The “Temple Of Wembley”

Ancelotti smoking a fat one

Carlo Ancelotti was speaking to the Gazzeta Dello Sport today and everything was going smoothly until he revealed a bad habit of his, something he’s had to cut down drastically since his days in Italy:

“I want to give myself another transgression and smoke a cigarette again in the forbidden temple of Wembley.”

“I did it last year, when we won the FA Cup, and no one caught me.”

Poor Carlo’s been trying to kick the habit for years but as all smokers, he’s found it incredibly difficult to give up and speaking to the English press in 2009 he said:

“I want to stop smoking but I have to try to find the right date,” he said. “I think December 31 is a good date to stop – but I don’t know in which year!

“It’s not so important,” he said. “I like to smoke and when I have the chance I do. But when it is not possible it is not a problem.

Joker and a smoker eh? This causes for some Steve Miller lyrics:
Sing along if you know the lyrics:
‘I’m a joker I’m a smoker I’m a midnight toker..

Oh it brings me back..

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