Mark Hughes Starts Crying As Mancini Ignores Him During Handshake

Obviously I don’t mean it literally. Let me clear that up. But I thought Mark Hughes was desperately close to shedding a tear or two when Mancini refused to acknowledge Hughes in their post-match handshake. It was quite hilarious and a riot nearly broke out between the two gaffers. Video’s at the bottom:

“I apologise if I offended anyone,” said Hughes in his post-match interview, who was sacked at City and replaced by Mancini in December 2009.

“Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I didn’t think he offered his hand with any sincerity today.”

“I was well beaten 4-1 by City and Roberto in the reverse fixture at our place and I offered him my hand and admitted they were the better side.”

Mancini then responded in a typical ‘what did I do?’ sort of fashion and responded by saying:

“I don’t know, I don’t know what he said,” the Italian revealed. “I shook hands with him, but I don’t understand what he was saying. There’s no problem as far as I’m concerned.”


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