Borrusia Dortmund Bus Trick – Nuri Sahin & Roman Weidenfeller

Sometimes you find yourself unbelievably bored and as a result, you probably wander over to the fridge and devour everything that’s on offer. I know I do. However, when the Borrusia Dortmund football team gets bored, they’re far more productive then any of us, I can bet you that much. On a trip home the lads decided to hatch up a plan, a plan which has seen them gain internet stardom and further boost their reputation by being the best team in Germany at the moment. How they came up with this I’m not too sure but its one helluva idea so kudos to Nuri and Roman, the Dortmund lads who carried it out.

Without revealing too much, the trick is executed perfectly although there is a shrivel of suspicion if its actually authentic or not. Its hard to tell.

What do you all think. Is it real? or is it fake?

video courtesy of [Dirty Tackle]


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Football mad Irish 20-year-old. Living in Dublin so I've had a keen interest in League of Ireland for the last 2-3 years and used to write about it on, focusing mainly on UCD's limited fortunes as well as the Irish national team. I started to merge this interest with gambling two years ago to moderate success so have continued to do so since! View all posts by Dylan O'Neill

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