Mark Van Bommel Thinks Antonio Cassano is Crazy

Antonio 'The Ballerina' Cassano

Mark Van Bommel has admitted that he thinks Antonio Cassano is ‘a bit crazy’. FINALLY, someone’s admitted it. Its been a long time coming you know.

But talking about his teammates whilst speaking to Sky Sport Italia he said:

“Cassano is a good lad and a great player. In the locker room he’s talking a lot to me, while I speak a lot on the field, but he is an important player for the group,”

He and Gattuso are not fools. They have a strong character but are great. Gattuso wants to win everything, he is still competitive. Cassano instead… Well, sometimes yes, he’s a bit crazy.

I’m not so sure Cassano will be a happy bunny when he learns of what Van Bommel said behind his back. Cassano’s known in Italy for being a bit of a hot-head and when he learns of what Van Bommel said to SS Italia about him there’ll be war. Mark my words.


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