Pele Says Love Of Money Endangering Game

The great Brazilian himself

Arguably the greatest footballer ever to exist, Pelé was speaking at a news conference in Hong Kong earlier this week and signalled that the vast inflation of money in football which includes high salaries and greedy players, is a danger to the modern game.

From Reuters:

Former New York Cosmos player Pele told a news conference held in Hong Kong to promote the reformed U.S. soccer club that players’ loyalties now are where the money is.

“They go to Real Madrid or to Santos or to Manchester,” he said. “They are presented with the shirt (and say) ‘I love Manchester’.

“Tomorrow they go to Madrid, they say ‘I love Madrid’. They love who pays a little more. That is a danger for football.”

Pelé makes a fair point. And I know the perfect player for an example. None other than Mister Wayne Rooney himself. Back in October rumours emerged of Wayne apparently teasing the United faithful that he was going to move to Manchester City and would receive in and around £200,000 a week. In the end after a frustrating week for United, they finally settled on Rooney staying..By offering him a beefed wage packet of up to £160,000 but it could top £200,000 once incentives were worked in. The 21-year-old had risked his fan support just to be ‘better off’ as they say and its fair to say he lost a large chunk of the fans that had loved him so much.


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