Robin Van Persie Labels Ref ‘A Joke’ After He Receives Ridiculous Red Card

Van Persie Sent Off

Following the 3-1 drubbing Arsenal received at the hands of Barcelona on Tuesday night, Robin Van Persie hopped on the Fergie bandwagon and launched a scathing attack on Swiss referee Massimo Busacca after he made a brutal decision in sending off the Dutchman for shooting a mere second after he was called offside. RVP even went as far to label him ‘a joke’:

From Soccernet:

Asked if the sending off had a significant impact on the result, Van Persie told Sky Sports: “I believe so. I think it had a big influence. It was a total joke, the sending off, because how can I hear his whistle with 95,000 people jumping up?”

When it was pointed out that there was just one second between the whistle and Van Persie’s shot, the striker replied: “Makes it even worse. This way – one second from his whistle to my shot – makes it even worse.

“It’s just a joke. He’s been bad all evening. He’s been a joke all evening, whistling against us. I don’t know why he’s here tonight. I think it’s a joke.”

He added: “When it was 1-1, it was all to play for, and in my opinion the ref killed the game.”

It was quite an outrageous decision for Busacca to make. Van Persie had been put through by captain Cesc Fabregas and carried on playing eventually shooting wide. Busacca then decided that RVP had time-wasted and sent him off for a second bookable offence. Van Persie protested his innocence claiming he never heard the whistle but Busacca maintained his decision and gave the 27-year-old his marching orders. Arsene Wenger even went as far to say that Arsenal would have won had Van Persie been kept on the pitch. Eh sorry, Arsene but even with RVP you’s were lifeless. When the first half had ended Barcelona had in excess of 65% of the possession and it continued that way for the rest of the game even after Rob was controversially sent off.

Here’s the video of Van Persie being issued the red card:


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