Streaker Sees Red For Taking Down Pitch Invader

I can already imagine the response from Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara – “Unbelivable Jeff!

101 Great goals explains the chaos:

Last weekend, in the Blue Square Bet South contest between Havant & Waterlooville and Dorchester, visiting defender Ashley Vickers (pictured) was served with a red card after he rugby-tackled a streaker.

For his part the streaker was comic gold.Braving the elements, the 20-something male raced on the pitch wearing a Borat-esque mankini complete with a bushy, curly wig.

After the streaker darted around the pitch for far too long without any of the stewards managing to shoo him off the turf, Vickers decided to take matters in his own hands. But it was all far too aggressive.

Hurling himself into a flying headlock on the streaker, Vickers floored the intruder in an over-the-top reaction. That allowed the stewards to finally catch up with their prey, but seconds later Vickers was joining the streaker off the pitch as the referee brandished a red card for violence.

Dorchester eventually lost 3-1, as well as having two more players sent off before the full-time whistle.

Its comedy gold so it is. Vickers became an internet sensation following the video being uploaded onto YouTube and speaking to various media outlets after the match he said:

“I’m dumbfounded and speechless. A guy ran on to the pitch without any of the stewards getting near him and I thought I was doing them a favour. My only thought was to get hold him so we could get on with the game. I managed to grab him and bring him to the ground and the funny thing was the stewards actually thanked me for it. But the ref decided to send me off and it beggars belief.

And just to rub salt in the wounds, the fan who’s been identified as Alan Young, said he did as part of a bet:

“It was only a bit of a joke, we all agreed at my local pub on Sunday I’d do it as a bet. “The security there were too slow but Vickers caught me quite well. He should be a rugby player.


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