Ronaldinho Taunts Deivid After He Slips In Training

Well the Brazilian just can’t stop appearing in the news can he? Just a mere day after he appeared at the world-famous Rio Carnival Ronaldinho today made a humourous gesture at his teammate Deivid after he fell trying to tackle the Brazilian trickster in training today. Ronaldinho then decided to make fun of Deivid’s mishap and started pointing and laughing at his unlucky compatriot. The accidental trip brought an uproar of laughter from Ronaldinho and the buck-toothed wonder actually stopped playing for a full second just to laugh at Deivid. Poor kid. Must be traumatized.


About Dylan O'Neill

Football mad Irish 20-year-old. Living in Dublin so I've had a keen interest in League of Ireland for the last 2-3 years and used to write about it on, focusing mainly on UCD's limited fortunes as well as the Irish national team. I started to merge this interest with gambling two years ago to moderate success so have continued to do so since! View all posts by Dylan O'Neill

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