Stephen Ireland and Leon Best Apologise For Hitting The Town And Flashing Their Ripped Abbs

Leon Best, Stephen Ireland and Stephen Folan flash their assets

Looks like Stephen Ireland’s in the news again, as is teammate Leon Best and reserve player Stephen Folan. The trio hit the town on Friday night and made the stupid mistake of posing for a photograph at the Tup Tup Palace nightclub in Newcastle.

Their antics have landed them in hot water with gaffer Alan Pardrew who when put to the question about his players hitting up Tup Tup, he simply said that:

“That is a situation I have to look at on Monday morning. It is news to me.“It is not an ideal situation when you have a game on Saturday, even though they are injured. I will look at that.”

The image of Best, Ireland and Folan had surfaced on the web via Tup Tup Palace’s official Facebook page and tonight Ireland and Best issued an apology for their actions through the clubs official website which read:

“Although we had both been ruled out of the game at Stoke and didn’t travel with the team, we realise that going out to a bar was inappropriate ahead of Saturday’s game and we fully regret doing so.“We were asked to have our photograph taken and we removed our shirts as a tongue-in-cheek joke between friends, but of course the resulting coverage in the press suggests a far different night out.

“Whilst our actions were wrong, neither of us had consumed alcohol and we were out for only a very short period of time.

“However, with the team having an important game at Stoke the following day, we should never have put ourselves or the club in that position.”

As I always say; ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’.


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