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Mourinho Plays In Goal vs Journos

Take 1: The Special One vs The Media – Action!


José Mourinho ‘High-Fives’ Mascots Prior To Champions League Encounter

Last night as everyone was busy preparing for the Lyon/Real Madrid Champions League match-up José Mourinho decided it would be fun to give all the mascots high-fives as he headed down the tunnel in preparation of his team’s first leg encounter at the Stade de Gerland.

Yes, it was nice of Mr Mourinho to show his amicable side towards his younger audience but it reminds me too fondly of our old friend Barney. Remember him everyone? The Purple dinosaur was every child’s icon until the show took an untimely hiatus late in 2009. Since then the purple dinosaur has been more than likely been on the dole, unlike Mr Mourinho who’s on the top of every clubs’ managerial shopping list.

As Mourinho continued to stroll down the tunnel he decided, rather alarmingly, to tickle a wee lad’s ear. Those kind of actions could be defined as child indecency and the ‘Special One’ can count himself lucky that he came away scot-free.  Oh wait, who’s kidding he’s invincible for godsake. Besides..He is ‘The Special One” isn’t he?